How to Avoid a Generic Website Design for Your Project?

Do you believe your over-ordinary website design is going to serve your modern audience very well? We’re not talking about a rude or aggressive web design. However, contemporary website designers often avoid their website designs from becoming generic. Why is that so? Because the website users change over time. They don’t want to try the same things on your site for years. Reaching out to your website is an opportunity for them to explore modern web designing trends. Your website design represents the varied functionalities that the users are capable of performing on your site. Therefore, you need to avoid if there’s something outdated about your website design. The designers are usually concerned if your website design is becoming generic and introduce solutions to modify your website accordingly.

Through this post we want you to learn about a generic website design & why you should beware of the same amid your business growth & development. You need to get rid of a generic website design soon when your online business is in a growing phase. A generic website design can ruin your standard before the new users. We’re not talking about website aesthetics alone. You need to understand what website design means to a website’s functionality & why the designers are concerned about it.

In this post, we’ll also discuss how you can avoid a generic website design amid creating your next web design framework. You might have other essential queries related to your existing web design status. You can simply approach our experienced Custom Coded Web Design Experts & get instant solutions to your website building concern. At SFWP Experts we consistently come to withstand likewise problems & develop revolutionary solutions to help the webmasters!

What is Generic Web Design?

A generic website design is a common design that your website visitors are used to. These website visitors are some of your old customers & users who are happy with your old design stuff. But your website is not supposed to continue with these users for a lifetime. You have to arrange new users & establish new user groups to support your business growth. That’s why a generic web design has to go off your website URL someday. Sometimes you have to deliver a fresh experience to your visitors along with your product & service offers.

By fresh experience we mean your website visitors must enjoy new sort of functions & features on your site that encourage more actions & performances. Another benefit you can draw by avoiding a generic design is to boycott what your business competitors are delivering to the target visitors. New design & new website functions are going to grab more user attention than before. But you have to make sure that you don’t create any confusion over your design. Remember that the new visitors on your site are not used to complexities.

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How to Avoid a Generic Website Design for Your Project?

Generic designs are a consequence of irresponsible web design decisions. It is usually seen that such decisions can also ruin the overall user experience on your site. Now, what are these irresponsible decisions? In this segment, we’ve explained these common traits you need to avoid to keep your website away from a generic design. Go through these points and figure out if you’re already undergoing a poor web design performance to get back from your existing decisions. Let’s find out:

  • Website Logo is Big

Your website logo represents your business identity. Moreover, you have to represent it on every web page of your site. Why is it so? You have to create a memory regarding your online business identity so that the users remember you for a long period. Moreover, they visit you again & again if they remember you. They recognize you more effectively on different external sources. Now let’s talk about the issue. To maintain the website design you have to make smart decisions regarding the placement of your website logo.

You’re advised to keep it ordinary by size & place it in the top left corner of your website header. It is a standard size & positioning that’s used by most webmasters. And, it is not a matter of competition at all. Your website logo is accompanied by certain copyright support.

  • Use Identical or Single Font

The writing fonts on your site can also create some problems for your web design. If you’re using single or identical fonts to represent written information on your site, you’re going to face huge user back out from your site soon. Using identical fonts can work better for 1-2 web pages. To differentiate between your website content & let your website users identify what they’re operating with on your site you have to introduce multiple fonts. An areal font is usually found on most of the websites on the internet. You need to find a font that is different but also easy to understand by your target audience. A different font doesn’t mean you’re required to introduce something aggressive.

  • Entail Stock Photography

Images are also a crucial part of a website design. You have to choose them properly for better website performance. Images are messages in the form of visuals that the users can grab more efficiently on your site. However, the implementation of stock photos in your website pages can promote a feeling of generic web design very effectively. Stock photography is all about the photographs that are used many times on different other websites. These photographs don't bring the feeling of freshness to your site.

Hence, we advise you to skip a corresponding idea of decorating your web pages. Stock photography is usually not liked by experienced designers as they know what it is supposed to deliver the project outcome. So avoid it!

  • Over Coloring

Another wrong decision they take is about your website design being inappropriate coloring. It is really going to affect the user experience on your site. Especially when accompanied by heavy contrast. Most of the users are not going to like such websites. They often visit the website at night when they’re free from their routine. Meanwhile, they prefer to switch off their lights. And after that, they start to surf the internet through their mobile phones. You need to keep your website colors calm & soothing accordingly. Vibrant color schemes can also affect the eyes of your website visitors so beware of your coloring decision accordingly.

  • Under-Filling Header Menu

Unless you’ve got an elementary website to serve with your designing skills, your decision of going with an under-filled or scarce website menu in the header is usually a wrong decision. You have to make it look happening & filled with more options & information. You’re not supposed to introduce new subjects that have nothing to do with your online offers though. Just make sure to find varied sub-topics related to the mainstream subjects of your website menu.

Final Words

That’s how you become responsible for your web design against generic appearance. You can come up with more innovative ideas that set your website aside from your top competitors. SFWP Experts is also there to assist you on your Custom Coded Web Design & Development process & won’t let you fail your website creation goals. Let us know!!  

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